Mayer & Cie., or MCT for short, is a leading global manufacturer of circular knitting machines. This excellent position is mainly the result of the high technical demands placed on the products. The company was started in Germany in 1905, the head location is in Albstadt-Tailfingen, Germany and has subsidiaries in China and the Czech Republic

Three locations, around 500 employees and a product with a first-class worldwide reputation with around 80 sales and service agencies spread around all five continents.

The company’s current portfolio comprises around 50 circular knitting machines and covers the full range of modern textiles. From fabrics for sportswear, for underwear, for fashionable outerwear, for shoe upper, for mattress covers or car headliners, there is a Mayer & Cie. machine to deliver the goods. It knits fast, reliable and in consistently high quality, and tirelessly: more than half of the Mayer & Cie. machines ever manufactured are still in use. Mayer & Cie. serves both the high-end and the mid-range market segment.


Mayer & Cie fourth generation owners and managers Benjamin Mayer, Sebastian Mayer and Marcus Meyer
Mayer & Cie fourth generation owners and managers:
Benjamin Mayer, Sebastian Mayer and Marcus Meyer


In 2018 around 1.500 circular knitting machines were shipped to customers in all five continents with turnover of around EUR 110 million. Mayer & Cie. is 100% family-owned and owner-managed in the fourth generation with the mission: “Success through Innovation”, “Traditionally a Step Ahead” Mayer & Cie. has been both for over 110 years and we aim to keep it that way.

Mayer & Cie. is an innovative company, invests around 6% of its sales revenue in research and development and around 7% of the employees work in research and development, that is a high, above-average proportion for the industry. Innovativeness Mayr & Cie. is what customers particularly appreciate. Today Mayer & Cie. holds around 320 patents and registered designs. They include such ground-breaking developments as relative technology (Relanit), electronic individual needle selection and spinitsystems …

In 2016 Mayer & Cie were named one the most innovative SMEs in Germany when Mayer & Cie. was awarded a Top 100 seal.

Top Machines

New Machines

Relanit 3.2 HS

A most highly productive single jersey machine for all structures

D4-2.2 II

An expert in rib, 8-lock and interlock structures

D4-3.2 II

A fine solution for the production of double jersey structures

D4-2.2 II HPI (High Productive Interlock)

High Productive Interlock machine