STOLL – a name that inspires and at the same time, stands for quality and flexibility in the world of knitting. The STOLL brand has achieved a legendary reputation equipped with many facets. For more than 145 years, the image of a consequently solution orientated manufacturer of flat knitting machines has been maintained and further developed.

As one of the most traditional manufacturers of flat knitting machines, Stoll stands for intelligent and efficient knitting technology. Our portfolio includes flat knitting machines and pattern software which are used for the production of fashionable, technical and medical textiles which are successfully exported to 70 countries worldwide.

Today, for many customers, the STOLL enterprise is the integrative link between the highly sophisticated technology in the area of developing and manufacturing flat knitting machines on the one hand and an innovative independent thinker and developer in the section of Fashion & Technology on the other hand.

On a total of 32.450 sqm we develop, engineer and produce most of our machines at our headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany. Our in-depth manufacturing process with strict quality controls during the whole of the finishing process underlines our total commitment to quality (certified according to ISO 9001:2000).

STOLL-Machines are flexible! They produce from cut goods on fully fashioned to complete articles (STOLL-knit and wear®). And more: A CMS can knit (almost) anything. STOLL-machines can e.g. economically be used for Fully Fashion due to the knit and wear.

Intuitive Design: with the STOLL-touchcontrol®, STOLL-machines offer a unique way of operating the machine -multilingual with a switch- over function, that works even while operating. And also: easy and clear input screens with a logically set up help menu, rectifying problems in an uncomplicated way by displaying faults and giving solutions.

Milestone STOLL since 1873

  • 1919 First automatic all needle knit narrowing knitting machine
  • 1958 World’s first automatic Links-Links transfer flat knitting machine LIUM
  • 1963 First fully automatic Fully Fashion all needle knit flat knitting machine type 220
  • 1987 Presentation of the first CMS machine
  • 2010 Presentation of the new CMS HP generation
  • 2013 New CMS ADF-3
  • 2014 Presentation of the Production Planning System (PPS)
  • 2015 Presentation of the growing ADF family “World of ADF”
  • 2019 ? Surprising at ITMA Barcelona